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Quarterly Update: 3rd Qtr 2019

A quick ministry update and financial snapshot for theHeart through September 2019.

Once a month we prepare and serve a hot meal at Hospitality House.


Next Generations

Learn more about theHeart's ministries for kids, youth, and college students. Below you can find out how we've spent the second quarter reaching the next generation.

Relational Care

Learn more about theHeart's ministries for relational care. Read about some of the specific ways we're caring for one another below.

Community Life

Learn more about theHeart's ministries for putting our love into action. Continue scrolling for details about how theHeart spent the third quarter engaging in the life of our community.


Learn more about our commitment to creating safe and welcoming spaces where we can worship God and study His Word together. Below you can learn how we're nurturing a culture of worship.

Call to Action

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick recap from our second quarter. It is a great privilege and honor to serve this thriving church family. As you can see, there's a lot going on in the life of theHeart and finances are a part of what helps make that happen.

We're grateful to be debt-free. We're grateful to have assembled a wonderful staff. We're grateful to have access to some fantastic facilities. And yet for us to continue reaching the displaced church, it is our responsibility to meet our budget.

The Ministry Leadership Team, Finance Team, and Staff have made budget cuts and initiated spending freezes in a total of $30,870 to help lower our expenses in 2019. Your regular and generous giving can make all of the difference. Read below to see how you might respond.

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