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When theHeart was first planted in 2001, our original vision included the statement “attracting and ministering to those individuals who have not attended or who currently do not attend church to share God’s love and forgiveness through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Decades later, this singular purpose remains the same.


Our DNA as a faith community has always been to reach people who identify as the displaced church—anyone who feels disconnected from God—and return them into relationship through Christ's Love.



Creating vibrant spaces of hope and healing where Christ’s Love is put into action.


Reconciling people to God and each other through Christ's Love. Simple.

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We take the posture that in the essentials of our faith we find unity, in the non-essentials we embrace liberty, and in all things we offer love. Our desire is to be known by what we're for more than what we're against.


There is One True God. In the beginning He created all things good. He was and will always be in relationship with Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The human race was created by a special act of God, in His own image. Adam and Eve were created without sin. They were tempted by the enemy (Satan), and chose to disobey God. Based on their disobedience, humans are now part of a broken world.


God did not abandon His creation. He promised to restore the brokenness. As part of this, He chose a people through Abraham (Israel). Despite Israel's disobedience, God has not forgotten His promise. He brought the Messiah (Jesus) into the world through this chosen nation. He will restore all things through Jesus.


God inspired the authors of Scripture by His Spirit. The Bible, as originally given, is the perfect Word of God.


God entered humanity as a human (Jesus). Jesus was miraculously conceived by the Holy Spirit and born from the virgin Mary. Jesus died for our sins, was resurrected, and ascended to heaven, where He serves as the only mediator between God and mankind, making intercession for us. God desires all people to receive salvation through faith in what Jesus did for us.


Through the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit, believers in Jesus are called to love God with all of themselves, and to love people with the same kind of love. We long for the return of Jesus, when He will restore all things.


Everything we do as a community of believers—in worship, as part of a group, or in service of others—can be modeled with a clear understanding and healthy commitment to five distinct values.


Attempting to be and do church in a way that removes things that are unnecessary so we can focus on what is important and do those specific things with quality and excellence.


Believing that we are called to love God with all of ourselves and to embrace people with this same kind of love.


Being known by what we’re for rather than what we’re against removes barriers. In truth, we can lead radically sanctified lives, be the unique creations God has called each of us to be, and experience truly intimate relationships with one another.


Coming together to be the physical representation of church in our neighborhoods and places of work. We are called to display genuine spirits of love, respect, and honor for others above ourselves that is visibly present in the way that we interact with everyone we meet.


Embracing our true identity through the unique, creative, and healthy ways that we intentionally live out authentic community as a body of believers. Mobility challenges us to apply the truth of God's Word in our daily lives as we seek spiritual growth and act with grace-filled maturity.


While we do not have formal membership at theHeart, we do value fostering intentional community with one another. This is modeled in the early church (Acts 2:42-47), and we believe that intentional community helps us to abide in Christ together (John 15:1-17).


We invite each person who has found a home at theHeart to prayerfully enter into an intentional community within our church family.


The foundation of our intentional community is found in the practice of loving God completely, loving self correctly, and loving others sacrificially (Matthew 22:37-39).


There are many ways we can express our complete love to God. The ways we ask you to be intentional are by showing up to worship gatherings in anticipation of being in God’s presence together, seeking what God wants from us, developing a worshipful response with your resources (time, skills, gifts, experience, finances, space, etc.), and connecting with others.


Loving self correctly happens when we intentionally live rhythms of life that incorporate both trusting relationships and personal time in communion with God. We ask you to participate in regular, intentional time with one another outside of Sunday morning gatherings such as a Spiritual Formation Group, mentoring relationship, prayer group, etc. which is the foundation of living life together in ways that foster a good and Godly view of self.


Finally, we ask you to press into ways to love others sacrificially. There are opportunities to express this kind of love each and every week by serving at our worship gatherings, youth group, table talks, or facilitating a spiritual formation group. Beyond our structured gatherings, you can serve through any one of our many community and global partnerships, or you can initiate new ways of sacrificially loving those whom we don’t currently have reach to.


As each one of us enters into intentional community, together we will participate with God in creating vibrant spaces of hope and healing where Christ’s Love is put into action. Which in turn, will help us to reconcile people to God and each other through Christ's love.

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