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  • Josh Anderson

Church Family Meeting

Last year, we made plans to host approximately three Church Family Meetings per year. This was a way for us to be together, eat together, and pray together. Unfortunately, the shelter-at-home order in response to COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in our plans to be together. But instead of canceling, we decided to record a recent Staff and Ministry Leadership Team Google Hangout meeting.

Watch the video below for an important announcement and a discussion about our future hopes. Get to know theHeart Staff and Ministry Leadership Team. See roughly what our meetings are like as we share how we're doing personally and how we're staying connected.


keep. connected.

One way to make sure you keep connected to theHeart is by downloading our smartphone app. That way you'll receive timely notifications as we continue to respond to the changing landscape of COVID-19. Simply text "theheart app" to 77977.

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