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Supporting Student Moms

theHeart has partnered with The Hope Center for nearly a decade, bringing awareness to the challenges of unplanned pregnancy and the triumphs of loving community. This year, during our annual "Hope. Full" campaign, we want to raise $10,000 to fund two full "Yes She Can" Scholarships in support of moms who are determined to continue their education.

Together we can support student moms by funding two full "Yes She Can" Scholarships.

By Graham Aitken, Pastor of Mobilization and Outreach

For almost ten years, theHeart has partnered with The Hope Center in Boone to support young mothers who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. It has been a gift to come alongside the faithful staff at Hope by providing visibility to their organization and services. At the same time, we've helped raise awareness of a safe place in our community for people to navigate this life altering event.

Molly Jones, Executive Director at The Hope Center, has become a good friend to theHeart and has taught us a great deal about creating a culture of grace, compassion and community support.

"Our goal is to serve each client with excellence and create a safe space to process the various emotions and thought processes during this sensitive time." —Molly Jones, Executive Director, The Hope Center

Of course, one would expect nothing less from an organization aptly named The Hope Center.

In a season that often feels overwhelming and scary, young women and men find tangible reasons for hope from the moment they walk through the front doors.

Molly explains that this is part of the mission of The Hope Center. "We want to inspire confidence, build community, and promote the well-being of women through medical, emotional, and practical services."

We have heard these stories of Hope first-hand. Sarah, Leslee, Jamie, Dallas, and so many more student moms have shared their journey of overcoming the fears of an unplanned pregnancy with us.

It has been a privilege over the last several years to hear from young women whose lives have been so deeply touched by the care that they received. It has been an honor to support them, financially as well as emotionally and spiritually.

"Because of your continuous support, Brandon and I had the confidence to choose life." —Amber Grier, Hope Mom

Scholarships for Hope

One example of this tangible hope is the scholarships provided for those who wish to continue their education in the midst of a new reality. Though it’s not the case for every Hope client, this is a significant part of the journey for many young women in our college town. The offer of financial assistance takes something that feels impossible and makes it feel possible again.

Over the past two years alone, theHeart has raised more than enough financial support to fund three full "Yes She Can" Scholarships. These have been awarded to moms determined to continue their education. And for many, it has made it possible for them to earn their college degree.

Hope. Full.

Throughout the remaining weeks of February, we will be spotlighting The Hope Center during our annual "Hope. Full." fundraising campaign. and asking our church family to consider supporting our friends at Hope and the clients they serve.

In particular, we are aiming to raise $10,000 to fully fund two of the "Yes She Can" Scholarships mentioned above as we seek to support this particular aspect of Hope’s mission.

If you would like to learn more, take a minute to visit The Hope Center website at or feel free to reach out to any of the staff and we can get you connected.

We are so thankful for our ongoing relationship with The Hope Center and look forward to all that is ahead this month and in the years to come.


hope. full.

For years, theHeart has supported Hope Pregnancy Center, a local agency that works to empower women in the High Country who experience unplanned pregnancies. Providing a variety of clinical and support services, Hope helps expecting mothers to make informed choices throughout their pregnancy.

We're in the kicking off a 2-week awareness campaign that includes a goal of funding 2 "Yes She Can" Scholarships. Learn more here.

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