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"I Prayed For Only One Line"

In the midst of an abusive relationship and facing an unplanned pregnancy, a Hope Center mom received kindness and support when she needed it most. Above all, she experienced God's faithful love and protection for His children. A client of The Hope Center who wishes to remain anonymous shares her story of redemption with us.

By A Hope Center Mom

Out of a horrible, physical, and mentally abusive relationship came the most amazing gift.

It was 8am, I was trying to get ready for work. As I stared into the mirror, I remember feeling completely dead inside. I remember watching the tears stream down my face and feeling nothing.

I was numb.

Hearing the door slam, I geared up for the abuse to continue. I had become accustomed to the noise. I had become accustomed to saying nothing at all, being silent. He would not let down, following me from mirror to mirror, grabbing my chin forcefully to make sure I heard him as he called me every demeaning name in the dictionary.

He called this love. He called this the role of a man. He called this normal.

That day, he said he would stop screaming and let me go to work only if I took a pregnancy test. Nodding my head yes, he rustled through his drawers and threw the test at me. In the back of my head, I knew the body changes I was experiencing could not have been from anything else.

"As I sat there in utter shambles, I prayed for only one line." —A Hope Center Mom

I thought to myself as I took the test, “Surely God would not let a baby enter this situation.” I was broken as I handed him the test, assuring myself my body was only changing from stress.

My Fight For Freedom Began

Finally, there was silence. I returned to the mirror, put on the finishing touches of makeup, hoping no one at work would notice my swollen eyes from tears.

Unplugging my straightener, I felt his arms wrap around my stomach. But this time, something was different. It was a slow and tender embrace. He turned us to look into the mirror. His eyes were no longer black and cold, his mouth wasn’t hissing like normal.

“Baby, we’re having a baby,” were the only words I heard before my mind went into a deep blur.

He finally let me go to work that day. Little did he know that once it was not just me to protect, he was done having control. His reign of abuse and manipulation was soon to be over. I knew this child could not be a victim of his abuse.

From that day forward, my fight began to be free from my abuser.

I Felt Supported, Loved, and Cherished

I contacted The Hope Center to confirm my pregnancy and to seek advice. I was treated with love and kindness from day one. I truly did not know if choosing life was the safest option for my son’s future, and my own.

After seeing my son's heartbeat and his form on the ultrasound monitor, I knew that choosing life was truly my only option. The staff at Hope reassured me that being scared was normal and discussed the options I had moving forward. They showed me videos that explained pregnancy month by month, putting each step in a tangible progression, which put my mind at ease. I left my appointments at Hope feeling supported, loved, and cherished.

A Lifeline of Support

Over the next few months, I battled in court to get my abuser away from me. His violence escalated. He tried every form of isolation from all forms of support I had. I could barely speak to my family and friends. The women at Hope became my lifeline of support, checking in on me and listening to me whenever I needed help.

They matched me with a mentor who met with me weekly. My mentor walked me through Hope's curriculum, gave me advice, and provided a safe space for me to cry and discuss my court proceedings with. Hope provided me with a baby shower, curriculum milestone incentives and much more.

Overall, the support I received from my mentor and friendships I gained through client meetups was priceless. Hope introduced me to other women in my same stage of pregnancy which has now given me a best friend for my son and me.

My God is Good

My pregnancy was spent working full time, and in court rooms and lawyer meetings. But My God is all powerful. My God is good. He protected my son and me. Finally, I was granted protections for my unborn son and I as his forms of abuse were visible to officials.

"A year ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful, healthy, loving child. A year ago, God showed me through my son that He is all powerful and will protect his children." —A Hope Center Mom

Our life looks very different today.

Six months ago, I was granted full lifetime custody and protections for my son. Six months ago, my abuser was finally stopped from his reign of terror and control.

God has also blessed me with an amazing boyfriend who accepts my son as his own and works diligently to do his part in helping me heal with my trauma from men. My business is booming despite the pandemic, and allows me to support my son comfortably.

The support I received from The Hope Center gave me the hope I needed in a situation that I didn’t think I could get out of.

"I would like to thank all of you at theHeart this year as you help make an eternal difference in the lives of our clients and their unborn babies," Molly Jones, Executive Director of The Hope Center said. "The impact you are helping to make through a simple donation is bringing hope, light, and life to the darkest situations.


For years, theHeart has supported The Hope Center, a local agency that works to empower women in the High Country who experience unplanned pregnancies. Providing a variety of clinical and support services, Hope helps expecting mothers to make informed choices throughout their pregnancy.

We're hosting a 2-week awareness campaign from Feb. 14-28 that includes a goal of funding 2 "Yes She Can" Scholarships.

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