kids. ministry.

We envision Kids Ministry at theHeart as an intergenerational community of believers fully embracing the next generation, helping them to discover God, the Bible, and church life. And what happens on Sunday mornings is a small part of that. We are here to be family. Together.

Ages 0-12


On Sunday mornings, look for the red table in the lobby. There you can check in your children for Kids Ministry.


theNursery is available all service long for kids under the age of 3.  


Kids age 3 and up are dismissed from the auditorium before the sermon and they are invited to join small group classes divided by age. Loving volunteers help guide kids and their peers in discussion around a Bible passage.


Each age group is anchored by one dedicated Sunday School Teacher who serves every week to create an engaging and encouraging environment for kids to grow relationally and spiritually. Our Teachers are joined by rotational volunteers we call Teacher’s Assistants. Together they make up a team of people who are there for your kids and your family week after week.

Small group classes are divided up slightly differently based on the which Gathering you attend.

9am small group classes

  • Kids under 3 (Nursery-age)

  • 3-year-olds through kindergarteners

  • 1st graders through 5th graders

11am small group classes

  • Kids under 3 (Nursery-age)

  • 3-year-olds through pre-K

  • Kindergarteners through 2nd graders

  • 3rd graders through 5th graders


Contact our Next Generations Director, Ethan Hardin, if you have questions about Kids Ministry at theHeart: