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Youth Ministry: Serving with Hunger and Health Coalition

theHeart's Youth Group put its love into action in support of the Hunger and Health Coalition.

The Hunger and Health Coalition might be one of the best-kept secrets in the High Country. That's why it was such a joy for our Youth Group to have the opportunity to tour and volunteer with this local agency.

The Hunger and Health Coalition was first formed in 1982. Since then it has grown from a closet into a county-owned facility, formerly the Watauga County Health Department.

Just about two decades ago, a crucial program joined the Coalition. The Food Recovery Program partners with local restaurants to provide our clients with prepared and repackaged food organized into individual meals.

About 12 youth group members, grades 6-12, along with their family and friends, rolled up their sleeves and got to work repackaging food and assembling snack packs. Armed with high energy and an eagerness to help, youth from theHeart made the most of their volunteer opportunity.

"I am overwhelmed by the support our Youth Group showed for the Health and Hunger Coalition," Next Generations Director Ethan Hardin said. "Wow." 

Through a combination of collecting food and volunteering their time at the Hunger and Health Coalition facility, a total of 50 soups, 24 meals, and 170 snack packs were assembled. Pretty incredible when you think of the goal organizers had in mind.

Hannah Siegel, one of our interns, helped plan and coordinate our recent project with the Hunger and Health Coalition.

"We were simply aiming at 60 snack packs, which is about a week's worth of food," Intern Hannah Siegel said. "We ended up giving almost a month of snacks for this community's hungry people."

This is just the beginning of more service opportunities to come. Ethan and the Youth Ministry Volunteers are dreaming and talking about what we can do to keep the cause of the needy in front of us by continued partnership with the Health and Hunger Coalition.

Coming on May 5, our Youth Group will be helping with the annual Empty Bowls fundraiser at Watauga High School. All proceeds benefit the Hunger and Health Coalition.

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