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Youth Ministry: Empty Bowls, Full Hearts

theHeart's Youth Group put its love into action in support of the Hunger and Health Coalition's Empty Bowls fundraising event. Intern Hannah shares the story.

On Saturday, May 5, a group of 10 youth and parents partnered once again with the Hunger and Health Coalition here in Boone by volunteering at one of their largest fundraisers of the year, the Empty Bowls Dinner.

About one month ago, our youth visited the Hunger and Health Coalition, met some of the staff, toured the facility, and packed snack packs for hungry children in the community. The youth all became very invested in helping this organization, and they asked for more opportunities to serve with them. Helping at the Empty Bowls Event was the perfect opportunity for the youth at theHeart to continue in their relationship with this amazing organization.

What is Empty Bowls You Ask?

The Empty Bowls Dinner was held in the Watauga High School cafeteria. Hundreds of members of the community came and purchased a handmade bowl that local artists donated. These artisan bowls served as a ticket to enjoy a meal that local restaurants provided. A silent auction with more donated items was held during the event, and we all enjoyed the live music. Proceeds from the event went directly to supporting the Hunger and Health Coalition.

Simply Saying "Hi"

Our group was asked to greet and direct people as they arrived. This was out of most of our youth’s comfort zones as they had to talk to strangers; however, most of them grew more and more comfortable as the evening went on. It was a great chance for them to stretch themselves and share joy with individuals in the Boone community whom they had never met.

Some of our youth took the opportunity to talk with individuals who came through the door. They learned that this event has taken place for almost 20 years. And many of the people in attendance have been attending every year since the beginning. They talked about the many unique and beautiful bowls they have acquired over the years.

Hannah Siegel, one of our interns, helped plan and coordinate our recent project with the Hunger and Health Coalition.

At the end, our youth were asked to help tear down and clean up from the evening. Watching many of them take the initiative on tasks they were not even asked to assist with made me so proud of them.

Elizabeth Young, the executive director of Hunger and Health Coalition, thanked me for all of the hard work our youth put into the evening. She is excited that they want to continue partnering with the organization. We are looking forward to what we will do with the Hunger and Health Coalition in the future!

In fact, the opportunity to partner with Hunger and Health Coalition didn't take long.

Our Next Generations Director Ethan has already been asked to help with another task. The Hunger and Health Coalition has received many donations through a recent mail-in campaign in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service. And they need lots of help sorting through it. We plan to invite the entire church to partner with our Youth Group to lend their helping hands. Watch for more information coming soon.

"The Hunger and Health Coalition has requested our helping hands," Ethan said. "I love that we are known by our service, a.k.a. our love in action."

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