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The Heart of the Loaded Biscuit

Bryan Kossol, owner of Everybody's Loaded Biscuit, has been operating his food truck in the High Country for about one year. His handmade cheese-filled biscuits are mouthwatering, while his mission is heartwarming.

Bryan Kossol has been operating his food truck and featuring cheese biscuits since 2017.

Growing up in Greenville, North Carolina, Bryan Kossol remembers a long-held tradition of enjoying a fresh biscuit on Sundays.

"It's one of my favorite memories," Bryan said. "My dad and I would grab a biscuit together after church."

Bryan never outgrew his love for biscuits, even after graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Appropriate Technology (now called Sustainable Technology) and spending some time in Raleigh.

Bryan has returned to the High Country where he now bakes and serves homemade biscuits to the community every day. After one year in business, Bryan's food truck is best known for its biscuits filled with Ashe County cheese.

"We are a food truck that highlights an Eastern North Carolina breakfast delicacy," Bryan said with a smile.

Bryan first served his cheese-filled biscuits to theHeart during our "Waters of Israel" video release party in 2017. They were such a hit that we invited him back in July to provide us with breakfast as we enjoyed a month of extended community time.

Everybody's Loaded Biscuits will be serving breakfast on Sunday, September 30 at Watauga High School from 8:30am-1pm. Grab some gooey goodness for yourself.

Bryan's mission with his food truck goes much deeper than making mouth-watering biscuits. Bryan loves being able to make everyone feel included, hence the name: “Everybody’s Loaded Biscuit.”

When he talks about his business, he often refers to it as “we,” even though he only has one other employee. Why? Bryan said he never thinks of his business as “just his” because of all the help he had getting it up and running.

Join Bryan and Mitchell for a biscuit after church this Sunday. Everybody is welcome.

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