Waters of Israel

Waters of Israel is a series of short teaching films that explore four distinct bodies of water in Israel. As you watch these films, our hope is that the historical significance and spiritual themes of each will reveal something new to you. We've included some discussion questions to help your conversation along. #WatersOfIsrael

Watch all four below.

Welcome to the northern region of Israel. Here in a remote cave, one discovers the headwaters of the Jordan River–the source of life itself in this ancient part of the world. Look closer still and one can also uncover God's Truth here. What does our Creator say to us about our life?

Part 1: Banias


The lake of great depth where Jesus taught many of His lessons.

Part 2: Sea of Galilee


Why does this huge body of water have no life?

Part 3: Dead Sea


Part 1: Banias

Find a source of refreshment in the midst of desert heights.

Part 4: Ein Gedi

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Unlock even more about the mystery of God as you discuss these prepared questions and study some related Scripture together with friends.