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Did You Hear? Our Sound Equipment Has Worn Out

New sound equipment was already in the budget for this year. And yet because of the current shortfall, your financial support is even more instrumental if theHeart is to replace out-dated and deteriorating equipment with a top-quality sound system.

If you've been to a Sunday Gathering recently, chances are you've heard the ear-splitting crackle bursting from our speakers. That's not operator error. What you're experiencing is a deteriorating sound system.

We've been blessed to use our current mixing board, speakers, and cables for seven years. The quality has been everything we hoped it would be. And yet for anyone who relies on good equipment, it can be a challenge to keep up with advancing technology.

For a mobile church like theHeart, we face the added reality of our equipment enjoying a shorter lifespan. We have been diligent in the way we carefully maintain and store our sound equipment–thanks in large part to a great group of Stage Crew and band volunteers. But with the constant set up and tear down, and only having a trailer for storage, our equipment is bound to wear out faster as a result.

It Was Only A Matter of Time

We knew this day was coming. And in preparation, we budgeted to purchase new sound equipment in 2018. Of course, we're also well aware that theHeart is facing a significant deficit in our budget. That is why Worship Director Erin Deuel has intentionally put purchase of new equipment on hold for the last few months.

Unfortunately the sound system has now degraded to the point that, in addition to losing the use of several channels, it is causing significant crackling any time the main cable is touched during service. This happens quite a bit, since the main cable runs along the aisle and is oftentimes inadvertently being stepped upon.

The time has come for us to move forward with investing in new and updated sound equipment.

Here are some things the Ministry Leadership Team is considering as we make preparations for this purchase:

  • While we could try to fix the main cable (which we have already had to do more than once over the years) or purchase a new one for less than the cost of a new sound board, we believe it would be a short-term solution. Our equipment is outdated, and the current analog cable experiences significant wear and tear week-to-week. It’s in our best interest to go ahead and switch to a digital cable, along with upgrading our sound board to be compatible.

  • The quoted cost we received a few months ago included an upgrade of our in-ear system and was a bit more than what we had budgeted for the year.

  • We also were recently informed that the projector system we use (a free app available only on the iPad) is being discontinued in February 2019. This requires us to purchase projector software. Additionally, we may also need to purchase a dedicated computer at some point in the future, but for now we plan on using one of the staff member’s computers that isn’t already being used on Sunday mornings.

  • With all of this in mind, we plan to upgrade our equipment in two stages (if you’re not techy and/or really don’t care about the individual breakdown, we’ve highlighted the total amounts below.):

Stage 1-Immediate Need: New Board and Main Cable

  • NEW Sound Board + Travel Case: $2919.98

  • NEW Digital Main Cable + Necessary Components: $2148.84

  • *Includes free delivery, set-up, and training by Selah Media

  • Total Cost + tax: ~$5,464.34

*theHeart plans to recoup some money by selling our current Presonus board, as well as some other sound equipment that we no longer use once the new equipment is in. Hopefully this will help us to move on to Stage 2, which we have a couple of options on depending on where we are at financially:

Stage 2-Within Six Months: Projector Software + In-Ear Upgrade

Option 1-Ideal Solution

  • Projector Software License

  • Complete In-Ear Upgrade

  • Total: ~$2,159.75 (not including sales tax)

Option 2-Solid Solution

  • Projector Software License

  • In-Ear Equipment Replacement

  • Total: ~$655.69 (not including sales tax)

How You Might Respond

We want to be completely up front with our church family about this situation. Music (and sound quality) are a significant part of our worship experience on Sundays. And we believe having a good sound system is important for us. It literally impacts hundreds of people every week, whether it be through worship music or biblical teaching.

This is also presents us with the opportunity to upgrade from outdated analog equipment to a system that meets current digital standards found across the music industry today. As a result, our system will be more efficient, easier to set up and store, and it will provide even better sound quality and recording capabilities.

(In case you're wondering, the high school does not grant us use of their system, which isn't capable of handling amplified music anyway.)

If you're someone who is inspired to support specific financial needs, this might be one to consider. Your gifts can go to offset the cost of a new sound system. Or your donation could make it possible for us to purchase everything we need all at once. You could even help us sell our old equipment.

3 Easy Ways to Give

You can specifically apply your gift towards the special "New Sound Equipment" fund we've created.

  • Give online at anytime.

  • Text to give at 828.848.4020

  • Make a donation as you feel led on Sundays

This is a decision that affects all of us, and we invite you to be involved. Feel free to contact any of the Ministry Leadership Team or staff if you have questions or suggestions.



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