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Meet Our Interns: Fall Semester 2019

This semester, theHeart is blessed with the opportunity to help cultivate the identities of 7 college-age members of the body of Christ. Through theInternship we'll be taking a journey of self-discovery and faith together. Read on to get to know a little more about each of our interns.

We have the privilege of sharing life and work with our interns at theHeart. This semester 2 first-time interns are joining Emme and 4 returning interns.

By offering an internship, theHeart is committed to fostering the growth of Christian leaders through God’s ministry of reconciliation to Himself, ourselves, and each other.

In just two years, theInternship has proven to be an incredibly fulfilling and edifying experience for our interns as well as our church staff and family. Sharing office space, dining tables, and living rooms have made it possible for all of us to create and nurture loving relationships of trust and support with each other.

Entering into our fourth year, theInternship has helped develop the faith and work ethic of 23 young men and women. They all study and experience the joy-filled disciplines of the Christian life, which helps support them on their journey with God beyond college.

We're excited about what God has planned for this semester as another group of disciples grows in a deep and meaningful relationship with one another.

“For me, theInternship is all about pursuing deep relationships with kids, parents, and other interns at theHeart.” John Caldwell, returning Youth Ministry intern

First-Year Interns

First-year interns spend 10-15 unpaid hours a week participating in spiritual development, social engagements, and service opportunities. This culminates in a group project that encourages teams to create and organize ministry initiatives of their own design. This semester we have three first-year interns joining us.

Mary Hamilton

Mary Hamilton, a native of Greensboro, North Carolina, is a senior at Appalachian State. She is double-majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. Something that drew Mary to apply for theInternship was conversations with previous and present interns. She has seen first-hand how interns at theHeart work together as a team and have an unexplainable bond with each other. Those types of environments and working relationships are very appealing to her and she knows that she would thrive in that specific type of setting. Mary's dream job is to work in a church, so she hopes to gain some experience and knowledge about what vocational ministry is really like and if that’s her calling.

Kennie Phillips

Kennie Phillips recently graduated from the University of North Carolina—Wilmington with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has lived in the area of Boone almost her entire life, and she has returned to the High Country to work towards her Masters in School Counseling. The mountains are where Kennie grew up and she always felt this is where my home should be. I have always attended church, but have never taken the chance to join deeper into what her heart has always told her to do. She's at a time in her life where she feels a strong need to find people more like me; to help her grow stronger in the Lord.


Returning Interns

Returning interns apply to partner up with staff leadership to help support and grow those respective disciplines within theHeart. Their experience allows for self-guided spiritual development, social engagements, service opportunities, and participation in the life of the church. This semester we have nine returning interns joining us.

Susanna Anderson

Susanna Anderson is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is majoring in Child Development because of her heartfelt love for children. After graduation, Susanna plans to become a Child Life Specialist and work with kids in the hospital. Susanna's older sister introduced her to theHeart her freshman year of college, and she became an intern to better understand how our church family takes a simple approach to reconcile people to God and each other through Christ's Love. She is excited to work with Ethan Hardin, our Next Generations Director to support and help grow Kids Ministry at theHeart.

John Caldwell

John Caldwell is from High Point, North Carolina. He is a senior at Appalachian State, majoring in Social Work. He found theHeart through his friend and former intern, Matthew Wilson. Since his freshman year of college, he has been involved with the youth group. This is his fourth semester as an intern where he will be working with fellow intern Hannah Siegel and Next Generations Director, Ethan, in youth ministry. He is excited to continue working with the youth group by planning events that provide avenues for everyone to grow closer to the Lord and to each other.

Alex Curry

Alex Curry is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He is a senior at Appalachian State University, majoring in Criminal Justice. Alex was on the team that traveled to South Africa in November 2018. It was then that he said he found direction for his life, which inspired him to apply for theInternship. He started school with the intention of becoming a police officer, but after some soul searching, he realized he wanted to help children, especially those who have fallen victim to sex trafficking. Alex wants to help children find homes where they will be loved and cared for just as he was by his adoptive parents. He will be working alongside Graham Aitken, our Relational Care Pastor, to help develop ways for us to deepen our relationships at theHeart.

Emme Nederbrock

Emme Nederbrock, originally from Minnesota, has lived in Boone for the past 18 years. She is passionate about fitness and works as a CrossFit trainer at Seven Seals CrossFit. She was connected with theHeart through her Young Life leader at Watauga High School and has been attending for four years. During our “She” teaching series, Emme realized she wanted to pursue the mission field. As a returning intern assisting Community Life Pastor Josh Anderson with our outreach initiatives, she hopes it will help her find a sense of direction in relation to where God calls her to serve in ministry.

Hannah Siegel

Hannah Siegel has interned with theHeart for five semesters. She is from Apex, North Carolina, majoring in Art Education. Hannah feels a deep calling for ministry and hopes to share Jesus’ word around the world once she graduates college. In November 2018, she helped Relational Care Pastor Graham lead a mission team to South Africa. She is working alongside Next Generations Director, Ethan and fellow intern John Caldwell to nurture and strengthen our youth ministry. Her desire this semester is to develop even deeper friendships with middle- and high-schoolers in our youth group.



theInternship is a 13-week discipleship opportunity for young adults/college-aged students who want to develop as Christ-followers and Christian leaders. It is a commitment to enter into deeper service, study, and church life. theInternship will take the shape of the giftings of the theInterns, but will also stretch and grow them beyond their areas of familiarity in church life. Applications for Spring Semester 2019 will be coming soon. Watch for more information.

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