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Daughters and Mothers Brunching

theHeart's Youth Ministry hosted its second-annual brunch for Youth Group girls and important women in their lives. They spent a Saturday morning eating, talking, and simply being with one another. Youth Ministry intern Hannah Siegel shares more of the story.

Hannah, one of our Youth Ministry interns, and Abby, one of our Youth Ministry volunteers, helped host our second-annual brunch for Youth Ministry girls and significant women in their lives.

On Saturday, November 2, we hosted our second-annual brunch for girls in theHeart's Youth Ministry along with their mothers or other significant women in their lives. Our hope was that meaningful time together would encourage the older female figures in these girls’ lives to build connections between each other and that they would also nurture the bonds they have with their children.

So we simply invited them into a welcoming space, fed them yummy breakfast foods, and gave them time to be with one another. This led to the women and girls forming new relationships and deepening already established ones.

Youth Ministry is a Family Ministry

This brunch was important for several reasons. The Youth Ministry leadership team constantly brainstorms ways we can engage not our youth and their families. This stems from a simple principle: youth ministry is a family ministry.

We believe there should be space for youth to have the opportunity to connect with others their age apart from the context of their families. However, this should never be done in an effort to communicate to them that because they are getting older, they do not need guidance from their parents anymore. We believe quite the opposite: as students endure a season often marked by loneliness and confusion regarding the role of faith in the formation of their identity, it is imperative that they feel connected to their parents.

Reggie, who is a regular Youth Ministry volunteer, also served as a host for the event.

One of the most important roles of theHeart's Youth Ministry is to encourage these relationships to become closer rather than increasing the divide between them. This is why we continuously create and host events that strive to cultivate deep family relationships. We want to come alongside parents and to let them know that we desire to partner with them as their children grow.

Reaching Out in Loneliness

The devotion that accompanied the time of fellowship helped to carry this idea of needing people around you. We read 2 Kings 4:1-7 together, the story of the widow and her olive oil.

The widow was running empty in every area of her life; her husband had passed, she had no money because of his debts, and her children were about to be taken from her as a result. When she cried to the Lord for help, he blessed her abundantly.

Elisha responded to her cry with action and so did many of her neighbors. They worked together to quite literally fill her cup, showing her that she was seen and loved despite lonely circumstances. We discussed the important role of vulnerability, especially with other believers, in feeling connected to others and reducing loneliness.

Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few.—2 Kings 4:3

So many teenagers feel isolated as if they are in the race alone. What we are attempting to communicate as a family ministry is that they have so many people on their team, cheering them on and running the race alongside them. Their team is not solely made up of their small group leaders or their parents but rather, it is a culmination of all of the leaders in their lives who care for them.

Life can be experienced more abundantly when done in a vulnerable, honest community that, like the widow, reaches out when it feels lonely.

The Lord blessed me, and I hope those that joined us, with a feeling of abundant connectedness over lots of breakfast foods consumed and laughs had. My prayer is that these precious girls and their moms left feeling as though their teams grew a little bit bigger.


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