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Upcoming Teaching Series: The Heart of theHeart

Focusing on our foundational beliefs and distinct values help define the heart of theHeart. Starting September 9, the pastoral staff will be exploring the 10 deep-held convictions that are essential to who we are and what we're about as a church family.

For years, theHeart has adhered to a set of five beliefs and five values. There's a fullness to these numbers, especially when considering it takes both hands to count to 10. It somehow feels complete. And yet we also understand these are just the beginning of what it means for us to "love simple."

Foundational Beliefs

theHeart is called to reconcile people to God and each other through Christ's Love. Simple. We believe reconciliation comes by way of adhering to a set of 5 foundational beliefs. These serve as the core of our faith as Christians:

  • God

  • People

  • Bible

  • Salvation

  • Life

The Gospel, or the Good News of Jesus Christ, is “the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes”–Romans 1:16

Distinct Values

While our beliefs are shared among all Christians, the expression of who we are as a local community of believers is unique to us. Everything we do in worship, as part of a small group, or in service of others can be modeled with a clear understanding and healthy commitment to our 5 distinct values:

  • Simple

  • Loving

  • True

  • Called

  • Mobile

theHeart is attempting to be and do church in a simple way by focusing on reconciling people to God and each other through Christ's Love.

"The Heart of theHeart"

Starting Sunday, September 9, Jason, Josh, and Graham will offer a deeper study of these 10 words as they reflect the heart of theHeart. But perhaps more importantly, we're trusting that God will use this teaching series to reveal the truth of His heart for each of us.


sound. teaching.

Sometimes it's just good to sit back and listen. And let the truth of God's Word inspire and refresh you. Find a comprehensive library of teaching messages from theHeart here. You can also follow us on Podbean and iTunes.

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