distinct. values.

Everything we do as a community of believers–in worship, as part of a group, or in service of others–can be modeled with a clear understanding and healthy commitment to five distinct values.


Attempting to be and do church in a way that removes things that are unnecessary so we can focus on what is important and do those specific things with quality and excellence.



Believing that we are called to love God with all of ourselves and to embrace people with this same kind of love.


Being known by what we’re for rather than what we’re against removes barriers. In truth, we can lead radically sanctified lives, be the unique creations God has called each of us to be, and experience truly intimate relationships with one another.


Coming together to be the physical representation of church in our neighborhoods and places of work. We are called to display genuine spirits of love, respect, and honor for others above ourselves that is visibly present in the way that we interact with everyone we meet. 


Embracing our true identity not through a church building but in the unique, creative, and healthy ways that we intentionally live out authentic community as a body of believers. Mobility challenges us to apply the truth of God's Word in our daily lives as we seek spiritual growth and act with grace-filled maturity.