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Sharing a Meal and a Ministry

Mothers and daughters from our Youth Group spent a morning enjoying delicious food, life-giving devotions, and time with one another. Several volunteers and interns helped host the event. Hannah Siegel shares more of the story below.

Pictured left to right: Rachel, Susanna, Hannah, Ella, and Reggie

I've learned many important lessons about ministry since serving alongside Next Generations Director Ethan Hardin as a youth intern at theHeart. One of those is that youth ministry doesn’t just include that thing we call “youth group.”

Yes, gathering on Wednesday evenings for games, laughter, and time digging into God's Word is fruitful and important. And it is certainly a privilege to have the opportunity to pour into the young people of our church for a couple hours every week.

But I think that where true youth ministry happens is right at home.

It Takes a Family

The goal of the youth ministry that has been cultivated at theHeart is not to create an atmosphere of “what happens at youth group, stays at youth group” (although this might be a good philosophy to have when things like gummy bears on top of pizza happen). The goal is to partner with parents and grandparents and siblings in the incredibly rewarding task of walking with youth during this formative time in their lives.

This mindset got me thinking about the importance of parent-child relationships, particularly mothers and daughters. We have so many girls in this ministry. So I picked our female youth volunteers’ brains, posing the question: How could we pour into not only the girls of this ministry but also their moms, the true youth ministers?

Brunch for a Bunch

The Saturday morning brunch we recently organized and hosted was created in an attempt to accomplish this task. We wanted to provide a loving environment filled with fellowship and worship. And food. Can’t forget about the food.

Several female youth volunteers and families were represented on Saturday morning as we gathered over hot coffee, full plates, and intentional conversation. Intern Mikayla Brown joined by leading us in worship. My co-coordinator (and hospitality extraordinaire), Rachel Godwin, and I led the group in an open discussion about walking in your God-given identity to fulfill your God-given purpose.

There was something so beautiful about 12-year-olds and 40-year-olds alike worshiping, conversing, and being vulnerable together.

I was so encouraged by the moms who were fearless in sharing parts of their journeys of finding their God-given identities as daughters of the King. I am confident their daughters were as well. How amazing it was to be part of fostering life-giving mother-daughter relationships centered on our Father.

Youth ministry cannot be confined to a Wednesday night gathering. It happens when our amazing volunteers go to soccer games and school plays and ice cream outings. And it happens right at home. I hope that moms walked away from this brunch feeling refreshed and supported in their roles as youth ministers.

Youth ministry at its core a family ministry and what a joy it is to be a part of this family.


Youth Ministry

theHeart hosts a Youth Group that is focused on 6th-12th graders growing toward God, connecting with one another, and serving in Christ's Love. Simple.

Come be with us.

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