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A Simple Course for Newcomers

As a church family we want to embody our mission of reconciling people to God and each other through Christ’s Love. Simple. Our Newcomers Course can set a strong foundation of understanding this focus and how you can be an active part of theHeart.

MORE THAN TRENDING: theHeart is a faith community that is attempting to be a do church in a simple way.

At theHeart, we always want to be intentional about walking alongside newcomers as they navigate the path of finding and committing to a new church family. Though this has always been a priority for us, as the church continues to grow, we recognize the need to implement a simple structure that will help us move forward well.

As the staff and Ministry Leadership Team discussed different possibilities, the idea that seemed to make the most sense was a four-week Newcomers Course.

Relational Care Pastor Graham Aitken is one of the course facilitators and he explained the vision behind offering this type of educational opportunity. "The goal in offering these four consecutive sessions is to provide the space needed to clearly communicate the core of who we are while also allowing newcomers to connect with one another at a deeper level."

Why a Newcomers Course?

From the very outset, we want to embody our mission of reconciling people to God and one another through Christ’s love. To this end, we believe this four-session Newcomers Course can help set a strong foundation of understanding what that means and how people new to theHeart can be actively involved.

Each session is designed to provide an opportunity for folks to meet and interact with leadership at theHeart and to hear from them directly on our beliefs, values, and the overall mission of the church.

We will also take time to discuss ways to participate fully in the life of the church, both on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.

In everything we do, theHeart is singularly focused on reconciling people to God and each other through Christ's Love. Simple.

What We Hope to Accomplish

Our hope is to clearly communicate the story of theHeart and in doing so, invite people to join that story in whatever ways God directs. Our prayer is that all who attend will experience a warm welcome and leave the course with a deeper understanding of how God is at work amongst us.

Course Schedule

The first Newcomers Course will be offered Sunday, September 9, at 10am in the Media Center. Sessions will focus on different aspects of our church family and run each consecutive Sunday throughout the month of September:

  • September 9–Beliefs

  • September 16–Values

  • September 23–Mission

  • September 30–Connecting

Participants are encouraged to sign up and make every effort to attend all four sessions. Since it's a new offering, the Newcomers Course is open to anyone whether you've been attending theHeart for a while or just started coming. Space for kids to play while we meet together will be made available to parents.


Newcomers Course

Sundays @ 10am • September 9, 16, 23 & 30

WHS Media Center

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