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Table Talk

Table Talks are three-part events:


1. STUDY SESSION videos engage a challenging topic deeply

2. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE videos invite time with God for reflection

3. EVENT NIGHT will take place in-person and Zoom

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August 31, 2022

Church & Power

Table Talks are 3-part events.

There are Study Sessions to explore the concept, a Spiritual Practice to help participants contextualize the concept, and an Event Night to gather together to discuss the concept.

After the two foundational Table Talks (Constructive Conversations and Seeing Together) we wade into our second issue-specific discussion: the relationships between the Church and political powers.  Should Christians use all the power we have at our disposal OR are there inherent risks to doing so? Of course, we don't all agree on what to do with the power once we have it, but so many of our most challenging disagreements as Jesus followers are built on presuppositions about power that we need to analyze. The goal of this Table Talk is to build a nuanced and historical perspective of the Church's relationship with power. Whether the powers are political, cultural, or institutional, we want understand the risks of hoarding power AND shunning power altogether.

In the Study Session, we return to Church history and Scripture to try to understand three models of power: Empire, Absence, and Embassy. Far from a partisan conversation, we hope this will be helpful language to build common ground in accepting the need for nuance in the Church's relationship with political, cultural, and institutional powers. 

In the Spiritual Practice, we are invited to reflect on ALL the powers we have access to. We tend to think of changing the world around us through political mechanisms. But what other powers do we have that help or harm our efforts to serve Christ with our lives and enact Kingdom change in our contexts? Let's go to God in prayerful reflection of the powers he has given us to steward. 

At the Event Night, we will assemble at Valle Crucis (and on Zoom) to reflect about these things. We hope to find refreshing common ground across the political spectrum as we seek humility and responsibility as ambassadors of Jesus. 

Inside of a Castle


Empire, Absence, or Embassy

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Power Audit


Church & Power

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