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Table Talk

Table Talks are three-part events:


1. STUDY SESSION videos engage a challenging topic deeply

2. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE videos invite time with God for reflection

3. EVENT NIGHT will take place in-person and Zoom

Watch this orientation to see what's on the menu at Table Talk II

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February 23, 2022

Seeing Together

Seeing Together is a 3-part event.


There are Study Sessions to explore the concept, a Spiritual Practice to help participants contextualize the concept, and an Event Night to gather together to discuss the concept.


Seeing Together is an exploration of epistemology - essentially, how we know what we know. Adapting Wesley’s Quadrilateral (only exploring three parts), we will take a look at how tradition, experience, and scripture shapes our perspectives. We aspire to see the necessary dialogue between these things, even when they are in tension. Just as blueprints composite the different components of a house and work together to complete the picture, we will see how tradition, experience, and scripture help us see reality best when they complement (rather than compete with) one another. We hope to gain a better understanding of our own interpretive process as well as recenter God’s inspired scriptures as a primary lens.


What is our relationship with tradition?

With experience?

With scripture?

Each of these are a needed part if we are to see clearly together. We invite you to the table so that we, together, may see God and each other anew. 


Treasuring Tradition, Experience​, & Scripture



Going to God with the Things That Shape Us


Table of Friends

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