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Table Talk

Table Talks are three-part events:


1. STUDY SESSION videos engage a challenging topic deeply

2. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE videos invite time with God for reflection

3. EVENT NIGHT will take place in-person and Zoom

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May 18, 2022

Climate, Creation, & Responsiblity

Table Talks are 3-part events.


There are Study Sessions to explore the concept, a Spiritual Practice to help participants contextualize the concept, and an Event Night to gather together to discuss the concept.

After the two foundational Table Talks (Constructive Conversations and Seeing Together) we wade into our first issue-specific discussion: climate change. 

In this Table Talk, we will explore the Christian response to climate change. What is our responsibility in creation? Is climate change an issue for the Church? How can we play a role in this global challenge? In our Study Session, we will explore some biblical foundations for human responsibility in creation care. Then, we will listen to multiple perspectives on a Christian view of the climate crisis.  After exploring the conversational landscape, we will be invited into Spiritual Practice. How can we see our relationship with creation as a part of our faith? Come, take a walk with us, and reflect with God in creation. At last, we come to our Event Night at Valle Crucis Conference Center, where we will take a meditative hike to a waterfall before discussing the matters at hand with love and attentiveness. Sign up to attend in-person or online. 


Biblical Foundations for Creation Care


While the above Study Session referred to two readings, the final selections were podcasts for ease of distribution. The two resources below are both in podcast format. Each of these come from the Earthkeepers Podcast. They are a group of Christians with a mission to facilitate healthy conversation and common ground on the topic of the environment. This is from their mission statement:"Followers of Jesus must develop an ecologically-conscious faith (eco-faith) that helps this transformation." In our attempt to dialogue across the spectrum of any given issue, the following two podcast interviews capture a two different viewpoints with contrast and similarity on the Christian relationship to the environment and our responsibility in it. Hear the common ground. Note the differences. Let us listen deeply. Click each one to find links to the podcast platform of your choice or listen directly on the host website.


Green Conservatives: Chris Bernard of American Conservation Coalition


Becoming Rooted: Randy Woodley on His New Book of Daily Reflections


Any given topic is brimming with resources with a variety of emphases and insights. If this topic has provoked deep interest, keep reading. Below are some that have proven to be helpful and thought-provoking. 

The Land is Not Empty by Sarah Augustine

Earthwise: A Guide to Hopeful Creation Care by Calvin B. DeWitt

Stewards of Eden by Sandra L. Richter

Can You Feel the Mountains Tremble? A Healing the Land Handbook by Dr. Suuqiina


Walking Prayer


The Hot Topic of Climate Change

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