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Table Talk

this Table Talk is a three-part events:


1. an PRE-TALK video warms us up for this challenging topic

2. our TABLE TALK invites your voice and will feature a panel

3. a POST-TALK video will continue the conversation as we process

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November 9, 2022

Life, Dignity, & the Call to Serve

a post Roe v. Wade Conversation

Table Talks are 3-part events.


If you've participated in any of our Table Talks before, you will notice an adjusted pattenr here. In order to keep the conversation going, we are doing a PRE-TALK, a TABLE TALK, and a POST-TALK. This time the topic is certainly a polarizing one in American discourse: abortion.

How do Christians navigate the Post Roe v. Wade world? How do we live out an ethic of life? What are the complexities that exist within the lives, stories, and realities of thows who face unplanned pregnancies? 

We want to have a grace-filled and open conversation.

To set the tone and get acquainted with the issue, drop in on the PRE-TALK with Amanda, Jasmine, and Ethan. 

Then on event night, come to Valle Crucis Conference Center for our TABLE TALK. There you will both hear and be heard and have the opportunity to interact with a panel of experts and voices who advocate for mothers and babies.

Afterwards, we will keep the conversation going with a POST-TALK video interacting with the discussion we had for the Table Talk.

May God grow our understanding of him, each other, and the world around us - and increase our love.

People's Shadows


Table by the Window


Table Talk V

Life, Dignity, & the Call to Serve

Wednesday November 9, 2022 / 6-8pm

Valle Crucis Conference Center / Zoom

Childcare available / Light refreshments


post-talk conversation #1

post-talk conversation #2

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