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theHeart on Mission: South Africa

theHeart is assembling a team that will travel to Badplaas, South Africa, November 14-25. Our goal is to continue in partnership with our friends at Emoyeni as we assist them in their efforts of restoring orphaned sons and daughters to our Heavenly Father. Graham, Pastor of Relational Care, shares more of the story.

We often talk about keeping relationships at the center of all we do at theHeart. Our partnership with Emoyeni Ministries in Badplaas, South Africa is a great example of that principal being lived out.

Our involvement with Emoyeni began six years ago as a result of an established relationship with Scott and Becky Lycan and continues now through Ben and De Wesemann. Our relationship has deepened over the years and we count it a blessing to continue partnering with Emoyeni in ministry. Additionally, we support Emoyeni and its programs financially by donating monthly through our budget.

Emoyeni Ministries seeks to restore the God-given identity of orphaned children to their place as sons and daughters.

All that Emoyeni strives to do is encapsulated in their tag line “Reconciling Sons and Daughters." Like us, they have a genuine desire to see people reconciled to God and to experience fullness of life in him. This work takes many different forms, including pastor trainings, kids’ camps, school programs and sustainable farming. All are conceived and conducted under the umbrella of creating spaces where people encounter the incredible love of God.

"My decision to go to South Africa was more than a decision; it was a calling. I think back on my experience every single day, and I long to be back there. I’d like to think I touched the lives of the African people, but in reality, they touched mine even more." – Cameron Moser, 2016 mission trip to Emoyeni

Why Go?

At theHeart, we believe we are called to participate in Kingdom work in the High Country and throughout the world. With this as our guide, we want to open ourselves up to participating in the work God is doing in Badplaas, and truly He is already at work.

We don’t go because we have all the skills or knowledge or answers. We go to learn, to witness, to encourage, to spark ideas, and yes, to practically help where we can.

We believe that on these short-term trips people encounter God and lives change on both sides. As we posture ourselves in humility as learners, the context of each trip becomes a true meeting of equals as we acknowledge the image of God in one another and seek to change and grow.

What Will We Do?

If you’re more pragmatically minded like me, you might be tracking with the thoughts laid out above. And yet. you might still be asking the question, “what will we actually do day to day?” One of the real gifts of this partnership is that we have the flexibility to tailor our ministry activity to the skills and passions represented on each team.

As we prepare in the months leading up to our November trip, we will continue to hone in on specific ministry activities. Ministry opportunities include kids’ camps, teaching, leading worship, physical farm labor, sustainable business model development, prayer and community outreach. So in short, there’s a place for you! We trust that God will work amongst us and help us to prioritize in a way that is mutually edifying and beneficial to his kingdom purposes.




SUNDAY, JULY 15 • 10:15am

Contact Graham with any questions:


Anything Else?

Yes. Did I mention safari?

Not only will we get to partner with Emoyeni in furthering meaningful ministry in the area they serve, we have also scheduled a two day safari at Kruger National Park. Together we will contribute to healthy industries in South Africa and experience the incredible beauty that the country has to offer.

And now you’re thinking to yourself, “Why didn’t he just start, there?”

I think that’s enough information for one blog post, though I could definitely go on. Please consider yourself invited. Join us at the upcoming info meeting. Watch for more details and stories as we get closer to November. We’d love to have you on the team.


Is South Africa Calling You?

Watch a video about Emoyeni Ministries and get updated details on theHeart website in preparation for our trip on November 14-25.

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