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Interning With Intention

Ethan Hardin, Director of Next Generations, invites college-aged students who are interested in servant leadership to apply for theInternship. He shares more about how the growth of this integral ministry since its start in 2016 has greatly impacted life at theHeart.

The Spring 2019 Class of interns recently went on a retreat together that included a hike up Roan Mountain.

theInternship began as a hope to see servant-leader college-aged students come into their identities as part of this church body, a space for them to develop their unique ways to edify theHeart and beyond.

Our conversation developed into the pilot program we ran in 2016 with three interns. We spent our weeks discussing our relationship with God by means of spiritual discipline, launching new ministry efforts, and serving in a deeper way within our church life. And God grew us closer to him and to each other.

Oh How It Has Grown

Almost three years and 21 interns later, we now have multiple tiers of internship, with interns coordinating service teams, leading evening gatherings, planning and teaching youth retreats, fortifying our communications, and doing other the behind-the-scenes administration that gives our community life a framework. They have become an invaluable and uplifting part of our staff life.

To shape and to be shaped by the next generation of servant-leaders has been a privilege. They have built us up, church.

Learning to be Intentional

theInternship is a semester-long rhythm of service, learning, and spiritual discipline. We look for college-aged students who demonstrate spiritual maturity, a lifestyle of service, and a heart-posture of attentiveness. Interns commit 10-15 hours a week to meetings.

Former intern Matt Wilson says theInternship taught him to approach church life in a completely new way.

Matt Wilson, one of the intern "OGs", reflected on his experience. “It gave me the opportunity to grow with the community. Rather than just an individual experience at theHeart, I now have a communal purpose.”

Matt helped pioneer our youth ministry and continues to serve as a volunteer and small group leader for our Wednesday night youth group. theInternship, as with any rhythm of intentional service, invites students both “to be poured into and to pour out.”

Overall, he doesn’t approach church life the same way anymore. “It’s made me more intentional.” Our time with God, with one another, and with our community can become fruitful through spiritual attentiveness. Matt has lived that out.

He encourages potential applicants to approach the opportunity with humility. “Be willing to learn and to be poured into.” Matt used a memorable quote from an 2nd century Jewish teacher to describe the ideal disposition of future interns: “Who is wise? The one who learns from all people.”

"It has been one of the greatest blessings to my family: to share the table, to have a rhythm of spiritual attentiveness, to work for the Kingdom, and to build one another up week after week." — Ethan

You're Invited

Students, we invite you to consider this opportunity to learn, to explore spiritual discipline, and to serve with us through theInternship. We pick a small group in the fall and spring, intentionally small and intimate. If you are ready to serve with humility and invest yourself in building up your church family, prayerfully consider applying.

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2019 Class of interns. If you're interested in learning more about vocational ministry while growing deeper in your relationships with God and others, we invite you to apply today.


More About theInternship

theInternship is a 13-week commitment to deeper service, spiritual growth, and community life. theHeart is looking for eager servants, humble leaders, and Christ-following college-age students who are attentive to what God is doing in them and in this local church.

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