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Egg Scramble

theHeart is hosting our first-ever Easter egg hunt this Sunday at 1:30pm at the Greenway. It's a simple way for us—regular attendees and visitors—to spend time with one another. Intern Abby Bumgarner shares more of what inspired her to coordinate this fun family event.

Every year countless families find their way to a church on Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately many rarely find a reason to come back. Perhaps they didn't feel comfortable. Maybe they never had anyone say, "hi," to them.

Whatever the reason, I wanted to create an event that invited holiday church-goers to casually meet some families at theHeart and feel welcomed. And maybe in the process they would discover real and meaningful relationships.

Many Eggs. One Basket.

When I was tasked with creating a project as an intern this spring, two groups of people immediately came to mind. The first was the displaced church—those who feel disconnected from faith—and the second was the families at theHeart. I wanted to simply connect the two.

For me when I first came to theHeart I recognized immediately the welcoming environment, even though I was a new face. I knew that I wanted to invite new faces to an event that would offer them that same comfortable environment that I felt during my first visit.

Another thing I really value is family fellowship and providing every opportunity for moms, dads, and kids at theHeart to get to know one another better. I wanted to find a way to integrate these seemingly different things, and then I thought about Easter. 

Sunny-Side Up

Growing up I remember Easter egg hunts being such a fun way to celebrate Jesus' resurrection.

In grade school, Easter egg hunts were always something I would invite my friends to, even if they didn’t attend church at all. It was such an easy way to have fun and get families together to celebrate Easter.

I wanted to bring an Easter egg hunt to theHeart so families could get together and welcome new faces and their children into our church family. And maybe they would find a home here.

"I want people who attend theHeart on Easter to discover the warm and welcoming church family that I have grown to love." — Intern Abby

So this Sunday, bring your families and come enjoy an afternoon of fun and fellowship after church. We'll be gathering at the Greenway at 1:30pm.

There will be an Easter egg hunt and lots of fun games to play. Spend time with old friends and meet some new ones as we celebrate life together. 


More About Abby

Oak Island native, Abby Bumgarner, is a sophomore in Elementary Education at Appalachian State University. Growing up, she has always had a passion for teaching children and believed her teachers’ job was inspiring and important. She found theHeart during the fall of 2017 when she also learned about theInternship. Abby is excited to have been more involved with theHeart and the Boone community. She knows she wants to serve in ministry in her day-to-day life and feels like theInternship has helped connect her with people of all ages. Applications for the Fall Semester of theInternship are now being accepted. Learn more about this exciting and life-giving discipleship opportunity at theHeart. [READ MORE]

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