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  • Josh Anderson

Waters of Israel, Part 1–Banias

Follow Jason English, Teaching and Vision Pastor at theHeart church, as he travels along the Jordan River–from its headwaters down to the Dead Sea–sharing messages of hope, healing, and redemption every step of the way.

Welcome to the northern region of Israel. Here in a remote cave, one discovers the headwaters of the Jordan River. The very beginning of life itself in this ancient part of the world. Look closer still and one can also uncover God's Truth here. What does our Creator say to us about our life?


Eitan Abramowitz: Editing, Sound, Lighting, Videography

Jason English: Teaching, Writing, Creative Direction

Kimberly English: Lighting, Script Writing, Design

Paul Halluch: Videography, Sound, Lighting, Direction

Jerry Sebastian: Sound Editing

Production by theHeart and Wonderland Woods.

Several of the concepts and references to cultural and historical contexts were inspired by resources developed by That the World May Know Ministries.

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