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Rest in the Waiting

Christmas is especially meaningful as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. While we prepare for the coming of the Messiah, we believe that He has already come. And we live in the hopeful expectation that Christ will come again soon. Jason teaches how we can fully embrace a life resting in this longing.

The Christmas hymn "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus" poetically expresses a joyful longing for Christ. It helps us identify with the ancient people of Israel who were waiting for God to fulfill His promise of the Messiah.

And yet as we sing this hymn today, modern-day Christians find ourselves living in an interesting tension: we can find rest in the one we're also waiting for. But how do we fully embrace this way of life? 

In this short video teaching, Jason shares an encouraging message of how we find rest in God. And simply being with Him is what we are longing for. Grab a bean bag and watch. Sit in the reality that you are resting in the presence of God.

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May God's promise of Christ—that He has already come and yet will come again— comfort you and bring you peace as you prepare to celebrate our Savior's birth.


Sound Teaching

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