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5 Next Steps to Get More Connected

We live in a time and place that can make it especially difficult to create meaningful relationships. And yet, we believe that a church family can transcend this challenge. Here are five specific ways we can lovingly move towards one another at theHeart.

Boone and the surrounding High Country is known for breathtaking views and awe-inspiring landscapes. The natural beauty alone is one reason why so many people flock to this part of the state. And yet there's also a prevailing feeling of isolation and disconnection in the mountains.

Many college students come for a great education, but they end up leaving for opportunities elsewhere. Young families move into the area for a season but then they are soon on their way out of town and onto the next adventure. It can leave many of us feeling daunted as we try to make friends.

That is why so many look to the local church for answers and opportunities to meet people. At theHeart, we embrace our role in helping people connect. And yet we also recognize how this can be challenging when our mobile church seemingly comes and goes every Sunday.

Additionally, our commitment to simplicity might make it seem like we have nothing more to offer than our Sunday morning gatherings. And yet over the years, we have worked hard to create a variety of touchpoints for you to build relationships.

Here are five specific ways you can take the next step in connecting with others at theHeart. These are listed in no particular order other than differing levels of investment on your part. Ultimately any sense of connection comes down to your willingness to move towards other people. And we're here to help you do just that.

“We have five specific next steps for you to better connect at theHeart. Try one. Commit to several. They are simply some suggested ways for us to establish meaningful relationships with each other.” —Josh Anderson, Pastor of Community Life

  1. Community Coffee Hour—We have intentionally created space between our 9am and 11am gatherings to invite people to grab a cup of coffee and hang out together. This "fellowship hall" in the lobby is a time when we can catch up with one another, meet new people, and even talk about deep stuff together. It's an opportunity for us to face each other and be reminded of who God is by seeing the person in front of us for who they are. Come every Sunday at 10am for fresh coffee, hot cocoa, and warm conversation.

  2. College Kick-Off—This hour-long event is held concurrently with the start of the fall and spring semesters of college. It's an opportunity for college-aged young adults to come together to talk about what it means to connect at theHeart. You'll learn more about ride-shares, volunteering on Sundays, Spiritual Formation Groups, and more. And while we want you to take full advantage of all the things, we also recognize that you have full schedules and we don't want you to overcommit in an effort to connect. Sometimes regularly attending the Sunday gatherings is enough and we honor you in that commitment as well. Our next College Kick-Off is Sunday, January 26 at 10am in the WHS Media Center.

  3. Newcomers Course—Perhaps you have been attending on Sundays for a while and you want to know more about what it means to be a part of theHeart. Or maybe you just started showing up and you want to learn more about our church family. The Newcomers Course is offered twice a year to provide more background and information about our mission, vision, values, beliefs, and more. This is a 4-part series and we encourage those who sign up to make every effort to attend all our sessions. The Spring 2020 Newcomers Course is scheduled for February 16, 23 and March 1, 8. Please RSVP here.

  4. Volunteer on Sundays—Volunteers are the backbone of our Sunday morning experience at theHeart. Signing up to be a part of our Kids, Welcome or Worship ministries is a simple way to meet new people, be more directly involved on a Sunday morning, and truly experience the culture of theHeart in a significant way. Though we believe that volunteering on a regular basis leads to a healthy rhythm, we make sure your schedule supports service from an overflow, not an obligation. Learn more and sign up on our website.

  5. Join a Spiritual Formation Group—At theHeart, we're continually seeking to follow Christ faithfully in every aspect of our lives. And we recognize the importance of walking with other Christ-followers. Spiritual Formation Groups offer small gatherings of friends the opportunity to pursue relational wholeness with God and one another no matter where they are on their faith journey. New groups are formed twice a year, with the next rollout coming soon. You can also visit any of our existing groups. Visit the Spiritual Formation Group page on our website to sign up for a new group or to find a listing of existing groups.

Download theApp

If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to download our new smartphone app. Simply text "theheart app" to 77977.

This will be a helpful tool for you to keep up to date with the many things that are going on at theHeart. You will have access to current teaching messages, announcements, blog posts, online giving, and more, all in the palm of your hand.

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