water is life

For years, theHeart has supported Wine To Water, an international NGO that is working to transform lives through the power of clean water. By raising funds to combat the world water crisis and executing its own programs in the field as well, Wine To Water supports life and dignity for all.


We're hosting a filter build challenge on Sunday, April 26. This includes raising enough funds to sponsor 50 filters or more. You can give online today by texting "loveinaction" to 77977.

what to expect

1 goal = 50 filters

Our goal is to raise $2,500 by

Apr. 26. This amount will fund 50 filters. Each filter can provide a family of 10 with clean water for 10 years. Simply text "loveinaction" to 77977.

filter build challenge

On Sunday, Apr. 26 we will host a filter build challenge during our church family meeting. People who "purchased" a filter can assemble it for a community in need.

interactive learning

As part of our filter build challenge, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the power of clean water through a series of interactive exercises.