moving. pictures.

Telling stories through video can be powerful. That is one reason why theHeart has created a few of our own. We simply want to show how Christ's Love is moving in our lives.   

Eitan Abramowitz: Editing, Sound, Lighting, Videography

Jason English: Teaching, Writing, Creative Direction

Kimberly English: Lighting, Script Writing, Design

Paul Halluch: Videography, Sound, Lighting, Direction

Jerry Sebastian: Sound Editing

Production by theHeart and Wonderland Woods


Several of the concepts and references to cultural and historical contexts were inspired by resources developed by That the World May Know Ministries.

organizing the organic

What could a new generation of organizational leaders look like?

Director/Teacher: Jason English
Producer: Matt Rath
Cinematography: Paul Halluch
Sound Design: Jerry Sebastian
Editor: Matt Rath
Visual Effects: Eitan Abramowitz
Music: Glenn Deuel
Production Manager: Matt Wagoner

love. simple.

theHeart is a church community attempting to be and do church in a simple way.

we are theHeart

Hi. This is us.

We attached a Go-Pro camera to a He-Man action figure and passed it around during a Sunday Gathering as our way of introducing ourselves to you–because why not?

the land will rest.

Some things you only learn about yourself when you rest.

Teaching: Jason English

Video: Paul Halluch, Paul Sherar,Collin Waldron

Music: The Album Leaf - The Light, Mumford and Sons - Awake My Soul


Contemplation is the response to a call.

A special thank you to the Good Light for producing this video.


An encouragement to the Body of Christ.

Teaching: Jason English
Video: Paul Halluch, Collin Waldron, Paul Sherar
Music: S.Carey - In the Dirt

it is finished.

When Jesus said "It is Finished," what was "it" that was finished? Watch this short, fresh approach to the gospel.

Teaching - Jason English

Music - Glenn Deuel, Rachel Naylor

Video - Ryan Smith, Collin Waldron, Paul Sherar, Gary Dowd, David Morrison, Ben Wesemann

Sound - Keith Jennings, David Hancock


A teaching on the Passover celebration, Eucharist, the Lord's Supper, and communion.

Teaching: Jason English
Video Production: Wonderland Woods
Shooting: Jerry Sebastian, Paul Sherar
Special Thanks: Jordan, Noah, Kendra, Kimberly, Erin, Eric, Chad


Meet Tammy. She attends theHeart. This is her story.

evening. gathering.

We have occassional evening gatherings. Extended musical worship.

A special thank you to Annessa Mosier and David Uttley for shooting this video, and Matt Rath for shooting as well as editing.

black. canvas.

We all start out with a blank canvas. And along the way we add to it. Some good. Some bad. But it still gets added just the same.

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