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Join in the adventure! Escaping Egypt Digital VBS is an interactive journey through the narrative of Exodus.



STEP 1 - REGISTER: If you want to join families by doing VBS the week of July 27-31, register below by Tuesday, July 21. Scroll down the page to the REGISTER section and fill out the form. If that date doesn't work with your family plans, no worries! Everything to do VBS from home is still here on this page. Just skip to Step 2. 


STEP 2 - DOWNLOAD: If you are joining us July 27-31 and you've registered before July 21, you'll be receiving some of the supplies, including the VBS Activity Packet, in person from our team. However, if you are joining later, download the VBS Activity Packet below button below. It will contain any supplies you will need to host the interactive elements from home. 


STEP 3 - BEGIN: If you are joining us July 27-31, wait until that Monday to begin the video playlist. You can view below in the BEGIN section, or you can watch from theHeart Boone's YouTube channel playlist, "Escaping Exodus Digital VBS." Each day's video will include dances and spaces to pause to do the interactive activities from the VBS Activity Packet. At the end of each day's video, consult the VBS Activity Packet for discussion questions. If you are participating in VBS after July 27-31, feel free to go at your own pace, but the videos are designed to focus on a particular theme each day.