• Josh Anderson

theQrtrly Update: 1st Qtr 2018

A 9-minute ministry update and financial snapshot for theHeart through March 2018.

theHeart is called to reconcile people to God and each other through Christ's Love. During the first three months of 2018, we've continued to experience exciting momentum as we attempt to be and do church in a simple way. God is on the move within our community of faith.

He is providing us with many opportunities for growth, relational wholeness, and service to others. And while our efforts may seem simple, the results have been significant. Continue reading for more about some of the specific ways we've been living out our mission together as a church family.







Reaching the Next Generation

Our Next Generation Ministry, led by Director Ethan Hardin, focuses on discipling kids, youth, and young adults. The opportunities are vast, and yet our singular aim is to build deep, lasting relationships with God and one another.


Every Sunday we have the joy of spending time with 40-60 amazing kids.

  • Kindergartners through 5th graders have spent Sunday mornings trekking through the Exodus narrative. Volunteer teams have poured themselves out into teaching this amazing story of God's redemption. Together we've enjoyed homemade passover bread, toured a scale model of the tabernacle, and even crossed the Red Sea. They have just started studying the Book of Ruth.

  • There are plenty of opportunities for you and your family to be a part of this ministry. Kids Ministry is made up of 5 volunteer teams: Teaching, Creation, Play, Nursery, and Check-In. We've often found that one of the best ways to get better connected with other families at theHeart is by volunteering with Kids Ministry. The commitment is just one 1-2 services a month, and you'll have the opportunity to partner with other volunteers on your team each Sunday. Take a virtual tour of Kids Ministry by watching this short video. Email Ethan (ethan.hardin@theheart.us) to learn how you can volunteer with this growing area of theHeart. 


Every Wednesday, theHeart hosts 15 middle and high schoolers at our office in downtown Boone. Over the past two semesters we have:

  • Built up a volunteer team of invested mentors

  • Developed our own youth curriculum which teaches on the spiritual disciplines

  • Connected to organizations like the Health and Hunger Coalition in partnership to help the needy of the High Country

  • Started a Bible study group for high school girls 


During the academic year, 3-4 college students per semester have served our faith community, working with all of our Sunday morning volunteer teams. As part of their intensive 13-week immersion in church administration and service learning, our interns:

  • Journeyed through the spiritual disciplines, learning inside and out what it looks like to be attentive to God in community

  • Designed and implement service projects and participate in the development of growing ministries such as our youth group, our relational care team, and events throughout the year

  • Provided a consistent source of energy and innovation within our staff life

We are currently taking applications for the Fall Semester internship until Sunday, May 13. This is in addition to 5 interns already accepting our invitation for them to step into more focused internship roles next school year. They will be serving in the roles of Relational Care, Communications, Stage Crew, and Youth Group.

Caring for One Another

With an intentional focus on Relational Care, a ministry led by Pastor Graham Aitken, we can better develop and nurture relational wholeness within theHeart. We want to ensure that we grow deeper with one another, not just wider in attendance.

Relationships Within theHeart

How we're creating ways to better support relationships within theHeart:

  • A Relational Care Team has been created to assist in the ongoing development of relational care at theHeart. The team will begin to meet monthly in June and will assist the Relational Care Pastor in implementing and further developing relational care ministry areas that have been identified as a priority.

  • We implemented a new annual rhythm for baptisms at theHeart. Baptisms will be held on the first Sunday of May and third Sunday of September. All candidates will have the opportunity to connect with the Relational Care Pastor prior to the baptisms to ensure a full understanding of the Heart’s approach and to provide a safe place for questions. These regular rhythms, however, will not prevent spontaneous baptisms throughout the year in response to the work of the Holy Spirit amongst us. We are also researching options for intentional follow-up after baptisms, particularly with those who are new to faith.

  • A new prayer team has been created with a view to introducing a safe space for people who would like prayer as part of our response time on Sunday mornings. We will continue to add others to this team and will communicate more about this new rhythm over the summer. There are plenty of opportunities for you to be a part of this ministry. Email Graham (graham.aitken@theheart.us) to learn how you can volunteer with this growing area of theHeart. 

  • Graham is supporting existing small groups and helping to connect people at theHeart in community with one another. If you're interested in learning more about how you might find a group, start here: https://www.theheart.us/groups

Relationships Throughout the High Country